At Portsam, we are mainly dedicated to the commercialization of high-quality flours and oils of animal origin, intended for the animal feed industry as high protein ingredients. Currently, we are also in the process of specializing in the production of dry pet food, formulated with premium ingredients to meet the unique nutrition requirements of domestic animals.


At Portsam, member company of Group A y R, we understand the importance of providing our pets with an adequate nutrition through the selection of products made from natural, nutritious and safe sources. Our business model is based on our commitment to develop high nutritional pet feed ingredients and end products, manufactured under the most rigorous quality, traceability and food safety standards


To become one of the leading suppliers of flours of animal origin and pet foods in the region, committed to providing our customers with high quality products under a sustainable business model that creates shared value.

  • Innovation

  • Excellence

  • Quality

  • Teamwork

  • Integrity


At Portsam, our priority is to develop a professional partnership with all of our clients, delivering value-added ingredients that meet their needs to create high-quality premium animal feeds.

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